Wood dinning tables come in all shapes and sizes,perfect for casual breakfast nooks and smaller dining spaces. .Estarmon knows your favor. The tables we make mostly combine pine with manufactured wood ,it has a natural feel and when you have a high value table yo u can feel the quality when you put your hands on the table.

A solid wood dining table can come in any conceivable shape, however the most common shape that you can find these tables is a square or rectangular shape. These are simple shapes that makes it easy to set up the dinner table and if you need to add extra seats it’s a simple task since you just need to add chairs at the end or sides of the table.

Once you've decided on a shape, you should think about the size of the table. Dining tables can come in any size ranging from small to large which gives you a lot of options when it comes to finding a table that can accommodate your place.

Look right one :

Crafted from solid pinewood and manufactured wood, understated design showcases a natural pine finish on its square top and a cream color on its legs and apron for a touch of countryside style.